take me away

fifteen feet up
to a playhouse in the trees

climb the ladder
a place for you and me

let’s forget our cares
and be free up there
doin’ just as much as we please
up in the trees

there’s a piano up there
how it got there
one can only guess

we play heart and soul
lose control
’til that duet we soon forget

ticklin’ arms and knees
‘stead of ivories
your peanut butter kisses
get the best of me

learnin’ ’bout
the birds and the bees
up in the trees

fantastic playhouse
in the sky
just you and I

take me away
take me today
let’s go play fifteen feet up
and there we’ll stay

Do mo anamchara, las tú an tine


25 thoughts on “Treehouse

  1. all beautiful elements!i can actually see youat the pianotranslating these wordsinto song!thank you for reminding usto be childrento chase the magicto make a place of lovelovely!peace~

  2. Awesome song Rene…..thanks for the link. Also thanks for dropping by and commenting on my photo very very funny. I see that Vodka Mom has given you a shout out and it's so well deserved your awesome and you rock.Love YaJB

  3. This one hit close to home for me. I spent most of my childhood in a treehouse. Met my best friend there. Played there. laughed there. Cried there. Smoked my first cigarette. Had my first…ummm…kiss…[ahem]… So many fond memories of my childhood took place up in that treehouse. It's where the innocent world of my childhood gave way to the not-so-innocent world of my teenage years. I literally grew up in that treehouse.I miss it. The childhood, the treehouse, the best friend…all of it. I miss it.

  4. Lovely poem–sweet and childlike fun too but err…..I'm sorry i couldn't lay my cares aside if 15 feet up anywhere–not if I was too afraid of falling. DEar oh dear. Yes, I have to admit, I;ve never been into tree houses. When my kids found one on some path it scared me to Dickens to see them go conquer it. I was the classic mum telling them to please be careful!!. LOL.

  5. you know what's funny, Rene, is that when I wrote this June 11th piece there was a specific part in there that I felt was for you..even though I don't know you at all–that is what came to mind. thank you for your kid words –they mean a lot.

  6. I enjoyed it thoroughly.. your image as well as your words are quite vivid and powerful..ॐ नमः शिवायOm Namah Shivaya

  7. What fun and I love the name of your blog too. We also are "so not the Rockefellers."The poem and the photo put me in mind of an old childrens book, "The Four Story Mistake." Hadn't thought of it in years. Use to love it.Well done and very fine Potluck contribution. Thank you. Mine is here:, just a little reminder, don't forget to join us for Thursday Poets Rally this week at the new site: Valentine's Day.JamieDedes

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