What I wanna do…

I wanna be ten and be blissfully unaware of the time.
I wanna spend a good 10 minutes perfecting my pirouette, or what I firmly believe is a pirouette, in front of the bathroom mirror.
I wanna “sock skate” throughout the dining room, posing for the cameras as I go.
I wanna exist on a handful of raisins and crust less PB & J’s.
I wanna believe in an endless world.
I wanna be able to WOO-HOO anytime, anywhere and anyplace and it would be considered normal.
I wanna have the hardest thing in my life be memorizing the 9 times tables.
I wanna be able to put my pants on backwards and walk around the neighborhood with my friend like that.
I wanna have giggle fits over “nothing, just nothing”
I wanna get excited about birthdays, again.
I wanna go on a field trip.
I wanna pass a note to my friend in English class.
Circle yes if you think so and so is cute….
I wanna be crushed on him, but except he doesn’t know it, yet.
I wanna play hooky.
I wanna be asked to dance, quite unexpectedly, again.
I wanna phone call, from my friend, to be a big event.
But right now…..
I don’t wanna unload the dishwasher.
I don’t wanna do the laundry.
I don’t wanna scrub the bathroom
I don’t wanna be a boring ol’ grown-up…
Peace – Rene

28 thoughts on “What I wanna do…

  1. I wanna be free like that again too! Some things I am still trying to leave behind, but a new start to be a kid again?! Ahh that would be sweet! I wanna go play outside and only be called in for dinner!

  2. love a girl who's in touch with her inner childand wears that child on the outside.see, the beauty of being your ageis that you can drive, and doamazing things that 10 cannot…PLUS you have the abilityto act like 10 when you like, so- in a way – you have it all.i'm a fan of crusts, myself.one day i will write a sci-fiand they will eat loaves of"only crusts" bread."R2… another loaf, here!"beautiful post.you remind us who we are,who we should be. peace~

  3. why don't you do all those things you wanna? who says you can't?i love that one of the other commenters is called vodka mom. i've go check her out. she sounds like my kinda people. tho' i would be gin mom, given the choice. 🙂

  4. Lately I've been noticing that we're ALL talking in this same vein.That is a DEFINITE upside of blogging. We're all aging and bitching.Well I'M not since I just turned 29.

  5. thank you all for comments…It would be nice to be ten again, maybe for a couple of hoursChuck – I must confess I'm into the crusts,too…daughter is not, so I eat her yummy pb&j crusts..Jeff – Ya gotta be a kid…btw,I used to like Joe but now Nick is my favorite.Jeanne, Tia, julochka, Beth, Diane…lets team up and go back in time, this time with do-overs..what would we do? That's a good blog topic to run with…And everyone needs to check out VodkaMom, she's a must read!Peace – Rene

  6. I wanna…Watch you sock-skate thru the dining room [ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-bum! "Just take those old records off the shelf!!!"]Ready? Set? GO!!! I got the camera!!!! lol!!!Thanks for the smiles, Lady Rocks…

  7. I so wanna read that again–it warms my heart. Adorable, sweet sentiment and indicates you had a good childhood you can look back on with happy memories. :)You know you still can do ballet pirouetes whenever you like but jsut don't throw out your back like I did…and NO, i was not doing those! LOL!I remember being like Peter Pan as a kid and not wanting to grow up when I looked at the world around me and all its stresses. I still feel much the same way except I have def. grown up!Anyway, great write up this day. Love it. You are so witty, clever and spontaneous in your writing. Charming.Oh, and hey…it's Hugh Grant's sister!!!

  8. I wanna be 10 for two minutes then realise what was to come. No, I decided a long time ago to keep walking ahead and dont look too often behind. Is that a pic of your daughter – she looks like her gorgeous Mom – daughters are beautiful frineds, no?

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