Father’s Day 2009

Father’s Day 2009

Silent words
Filled the space
You used to occupy

Our first Father’s Day
without you…

We visited your grave
And said a prayer
But, to me
You are not there

You are
In my daughters smile
In my eyes
In Tommy’s laughter
In Bernadette’s wit
In Billy’s business sense
In Mary’s compassion
In Jane’s loyalty
In Mommy’s devotion

And most of all you are
In all of our hearts.

Peace – Rene

While I was at the cemetary today, I noticed many families enjoying the break in the rain and sitting at the plots of their husbands/fathers who have passed, in their lawn chairs. Spending a quiet Sunday with loved ones reading the paper. Just because their spouses were not here anymore didn’t make them any less “loved”.

A family of brothers stood on their newly deceased father’s grave and shared a beer with their Dad. As they would have on any other Father’s Day.

Older widows mingled with younger ones and helped them plant flowers. I was touched by how friendly and giving and open people are in cemetaries. A common bond shared. A welcoming community brought together by the departed. I remarked to my sister about Mom having a new set of friends “from the neighborhood”. I could imagine her introductions, ” Rene this is Helen her husband is buried in the plot next to Dad’s.”

“You may as well become great friends because you’re stuck with your neighbors.”

Another first for us as a family, first Father’s Day without Dad.

But just because he’s not here anymore doesn’t make him any less Dad.

Peace – Rene

14 thoughts on “Father’s Day 2009

  1. I'm getting "page error" as well, Lady Rocks…Thanks for the father's day greeting, though!I'll be back to read the poems– I know you'll fix the broken link.(…Um… nah. I better let it be…:)

  2. I couldn't follow the links either; I keep getting a page error.I'll be back when you've fixed the link… look forward to the poems, m'Lady…Thanks for the father's day shout…slainte!

  3. This was such a sweet Father's Day tribute to your dad. I love how you opt to see your dad in the family around you. Thank you for being so transparent and beautifully you.Blessings – Debbie

  4. Rene,I'm so glad you had a good Dad, overall but am sorry for your loss during this time. A lovely post nonthe less. Hold on to that treasure found in your daughter's smile, in your eyes, and so on. BTW, jsut read your "life from the cheap seats" comment. Very funny. Just like you.

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