Bloom ( Song for Neda)

raised in protest
flood the streets
of Tehran
your name
divinely called
a single shot…
a rose pierced 
by a thorn

red blood
silently rages 
from your nose
this is the breath
from your mouth
this is the voice 
from your chest
this is the passion
the red, red river
of the oppressed

it’s current strong
as it washes 
over the feet
of those too weak
to stand
giving them strength
to rise up and
fight for change
cries may be stifled
but they will not 
be silenced

do not be afraid
do not be afraid
you have not died
in vain
you are now
more alive
than you’ve ever been

as the face
and the name
of freedom
of change
Neda Agha-Soltan
a rose blooms 
in the gardens of Tehran

Peace – Rene
all words and images by rene 2009

18 thoughts on “Bloom ( Song for Neda)

  1. I would like to thank everyone who has read and/or commented on my tribute to Neda.I actually wanted to post this on last weeks Inch by Inch for Courage but I wasn't satisfied with it at that point. It wasn't quite "there" yet.I had my doubts with for this weeks but I knew "Bloom" was the perfect home for Neda's tribute.To date this piece has taken my the longest to write, watching the video countless times, reading everything I could possibly find, delving into every detail each little crumb of information…I stuggled with this,deleting line after line and starting again 4 or 5 times…I just wanted to put into the right words the images and the emotions. I hope I have done Neda justice.Peace – Rene

  2. This written work brings out a totally new meaning to a rose and its bloom. Wow. You really are gifted with putting words to paper.Thank you once again for participating in the weekly INCH by INCH.*hugs*

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