I am a voice
in the dark
whispering in your ear
be strong, my dear
you won’t get lost out there
not on my watch
I see how
you struggle
and how you doubt
conquer your fear
you won’t get lost out there
not on my watch
can’t lead you to water
or catch you a fish
but i taught you how
you need to show me now
that you have learned this
make me that promise
and i swear
i won’t let you
get lost out there
not on my watch


21 thoughts on “neverlost

  1. I noticed that in one line,"i loved you so, my dear", that you used the past tense, this made this very chilling to me thinking that this could be about someone who has passed on. Very intense poetry!

  2. Lovely words, sugar…Lovely, too, that they look much like one of the great trees in the wood, watching over all the rest, tall and proud – guardian trees, they are, good markers so one doesn't get lost…Shade and Sweetwater,K

  3. Thank you all for your kind words.This poem was inspired by many things and many interesting conversations but mainly it is for a friend who needed some help, so this is my is dedicated to my father who passed away almost one year agoPeace -Rene

  4. A note about the shape of my poems..I never know how they are going to turn out because I center them after they have been written.It's kind of cool when they take the shape of something familiar.Even cooler when the shape relates to the poem…like Catch and Release, just put some wings on that dude and he's ready to fly!Peace – Rene

  5. I was hoping that anyone who has lost a loved one, or is struggling through a crisis in confidence or faith,would find some comfort in these words. Sometimes assistance and comfort rather than advice is what is needed during these times. Peace – Rene

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