in the house
by the leaning tree
a candle in the window
beckons me

her front porch casual
familiar style
an easy going friendly
stay a while smile

trace her railings
enter inside
she is warm, welcoming
and willing to provide

come fill me up
a soft song whispered
in my ear
and i’ll be your home
while you are here

she’s missed the sound 
of heartbeats and deep breaths
down her halls
the gentle, urgent pleading
in a lover’s call

i’ll give you your space
which you so desire
to dream, to create
let my mysteries inspire

curl up in my nooks
let my charms fascinate
look through my eyes
and meditate

love me
i’ll shelter you
from stormy blasts
cherish me; your future
wrapped in my past

let me live once again
come dwell within me
the light in my window
burns for thee

Peace – Rene 2009

37 thoughts on “Stay

  1. Rene, you've got me hooked. This is a beautiful poem that really speaks to me. I agree with lynn'sgarden, "Damn girl, you're good!" And, yes, the pic is perfect for this poem.Peace~Gin

  2. Gosh, Rene, you are REALLY talented! your poems get better adn better. I LOVE this. REally love the iamgery in these two lines:"Let my mysteries inspireCurl up in my nooks"Ahhh…

  3. Lovely, Mizz Rene…soft, sure brushstrokes create a little cottage in my mind, cozy, snug, and full of the light of creativity, laughter, and content.Sigh.Shade and Sweetwater,K

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