Down The Line

My Father enjoying a bit of heaven on earth – photo courtesy of our family photo collection
The smell Of an oxford shirt
Fresh from the clothesline
 Reminds Me Of You
 I close my eyes
As I breathe in Deeply
 To Be With You
 At the Kitchen table
 Me with me OJ
 You with your Cup of tea
 Morning light Dances across Glassware
Flashing Brilliantly
 Taking A picture
Framing the moment
In my memory
  In Your Memory
 The smell Of an oxford shirt
Fresh from the clothesline
 Is Your Way Of saying
Hi I love you
And we’ll meet again
Someday Down the line
  Dedicated to my father who passed away 8-19-08
And so our year of “Firsts” without our Father 
comes to a close on this day. 
Peace – Rene 2009

24 thoughts on “Down The Line

  1. I miss my Dad too.Sound like we both had great fathers.We're some of the lucky ones.I'm sorry for your loss, but so glad for you to have had him, and to now have your wonderful memories, which you express so beautifully here.He was lucky to have had such a loving daughter as well.

  2. Lovely poem Rene, I dont know what you feel right at this very moment sad, happy, angry who knows, but for you to share this with every blog reader in the world is the bravest thing you could have done. You cant help but feel like you are sitting right there next to you smelling the sweet smell of OJ and Tea. 🙂

  3. It's so sweet to see a daughter's dedication to her father. A healthy relationship there. I just read Willow's blog and saw your comment. I'm glad you started blogging too. You are very creative, your poems incredible and your humour contagious. BTw, i didn't realise it was born out of tragedy?

  4. Read your poem this morning and thought of you through-out the day, Rene! I know you spent the day with family, reminiscing the good times and laughed over stories of your daddy…I just know it! And I remember your swatch of cloth…

  5. Rene, this poem is beautiful…….. it speaks so clearly of your love for your father and his impact on your soul. I read your poem this morning and it has stayed with me all day.In loving memory of our fathers.Ann

  6. How beautiful. That year of firsts is painful, isn't it. It's almost 14 years that I've been without my Dad. In some ways it gets easier and in others it doesn't.

  7. People say that the year of "firsts" is the hardest, and yet I'm not so sure. My father passed away over 2 years ago and I cried yesterday, just 2 days after his birthday, when a song came out of the blue and reminded me of him. We miss their presence, yet they are still with us in many ways. What a beautiful tribute and memory of your dad. Thanks for sharing.

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