You took advantage of
A weak moment
And while
You were
Rubbing my back
You picked
My pocket
Stroked your ego
And soothed others
At my expense
You are forgiven
You are forgotten
Erased from
My past
My present
My future
I do not
For being
Such a fool.
The only thing
I feel


Peace – Rene 2009

12 thoughts on “Played

  1. Oh, ouch!This reminds me of someone I once knew, took advantage of my affection for him and wound up bankrupting me. Sigh.I never stopped loving him, but I neither like nor trust him any more, and I DO feel sorry for him – he's misery in human skin, still stuck in his hole…and I like to think that experiencing him hurt, but I grew from it and moved on.That song…is stunning…Shade and Sweetwater,K

  2. Indeed.. just like the others who have commented before me, I totally sign in to the thoughts. I guess everyone has a feeling like this at least once.. we are all naive and vulnerable at some point!

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