like a child

he spit

in the dirt
and told her
if she were
rubbing the mud
 in her eyes
how can that be?
she laughed.
my grandma told me,
he assured, confidently
she read it to me
from her 
big brown storybook
the one she uses
 with her 
magic beads
what makes it work?
she asked him
the spit
the dirt?
i think
 you need them both
he said
do you think
 it’s true
 like it will really
for sure work?
she asked
 eyes wide
i don’t know for certain,
 he said
 you just gotta
 tell yourself
it will
cuz that’s when it
y’know, believin’,
he said, whispering
i wonder if
 it can work
on sadness,
 she asked
 i have some
in my heart
that i would like
 to go

let’s try it
 tell ourselves
that it 
will work,
he said

she said
let’s both
that it will…

peace – rene 2009

20 thoughts on “like a child

  1. Thank you, everyonethis was inspired by a conversation between two kids in my class about the power of believing in something…I truly love being a "fly on the wall" during these times…the purest kind of faith. :)Once again, Thank youAnd that picture is of Mary, on a farm in Westboro, MA. One of the local children invited Mary over to play with her rabbits.Peace~Rene

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