Indian Summer

Indian Summer
Makes me laugh
At the winter
Dancing like a
Over a fall game
Of  Twister
Singing in
The sun
Are not begun
But put
While it’s nice
See the ants
Have got it together
They know this won’t last
A temporary sum
Like they
Know when a
Cookie crumb
Hits the
Before it makes
A sound
Indian Summer
Sends the ladybugs
Into my kitchen window
I see them spying
Urging them to
Fly on home
Trying to remember
That old poem
About the
Trouble when she roams
She’d better get on home
Indian Summer
Makes me think of
And snow covered earth
Awaiting a re-birth
One old cycle ends
A new cycle begins
My year of color
starts again
And I drink it in
Like it will
 never end…
But soon enough
I’m back to that
Indian Summer
Laughing at winter…
Peace ~Rene 10/29/09

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