November Lace

“November Lace”
Rene 2009

21 thoughts on “November Lace

  1. I just love your header. I'm always bitching about people who name their blogs things that don't have any meaning or use ramblings, musings or any of those words. Yours is perfect!

  2. I'm with IB: they make me wanna do the same. But I loved reading your welcome, Rene….it's such a relief to read something like that. I also don't have stat counters, widgets, or anything to figure out who came, how many, what time, or whatever. I often want to turn my comments off, too….but maintain it in the mood of reciprocating with those who do come. But I love the anonymity of blogging visitors, of making a welcome place, and putting out the chairs. I think I'm gonna copy your chair club, and put a few out for people….:)

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