The Fallen

“blanket of stars” ~ Rene 2009

“You’ll find trouble in paradise

if you seek paradise in trouble“…
he proclaims the news 
in his best
outside, bible belt voice
from his lawnchair pulpit
 in front of the Polaris Shop n Fill
he’s been there for years
a humming fluorescent martyr
saving scratch off souls
seated at the right hand
of a sputtering neon star
 his words give her pause
they hang inside
 white smoke
the neon star flickers off
her guilt pulses  
the bell on the door rings
she pays for her fill-up
 buys him a cup of coffee
 a pack of cigs
for all that I have done
and failed to do
this will make it right
this will make it right
this will make it right

he smiles at her offerings
for they are acceptable gifts
for that she is good
she is good
she is good
the bell on the door jingles
the star hisses back to life

go now
and sin no more

looking down
she smiles
a smile of mock contrition
she will go
 she is not worthy yet
the penance
is worse
than her paradise

31 thoughts on “The Fallen

  1. You are so gifted Rene. And this poem brought so much imagery to mind. Especially about him thanking her for the smokes..I could picture a face, the earnest appreciation. Loved it.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this. Wow.I'm so happy… that isn't even strong enough of a word… I'm just so HAPPY (:-> ) that you joined in the Virtual Girls Night Out. I love your blog.

  3. Hi,Incredible talent you reveal here. I love the mental images that float gently through my mind, led by such expressive descriptions. Thanks for sharing.As for this comment, "This post started ( in my head) at around 2AM one morning,"Do ideas ever start at any other time? It seems to me that the best ideas ONLY start in the middle of the night. Thanks, again. ~ YayaYaya's Changing World

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