photo credit Roger Allen Baut
dagger finger 
piercing blue silver stare
bear trap smile
raw, scraping
granite kiss
my blood doesn’t run
tears well, but do not fall
she cares not a whit

i inhale, suffocating
shoulders stiff, brittle back
quite a lovely picture
of serenity is she
how i long for her out loud
when she is away 
 how my memory does fail me

how often have i begged 
for release from her
thousand needle caress
song of death on her breath
tongues of honey promises
turned to sand
i sense the days growing longer
her time getting shorter

tho’ she is still robust
her defeat marches steadily on
without mercy
without escape
with my blessing

~ Rene


15 thoughts on “Sub-Zero

  1. This is a wonderful poem (I don't read it as a rant, lol), Rene! As I was reading, I was pretty sure where you were going! I love your sense of humor, as well as your creative writing! Spring *will* come!xo~

  2. whoa!seriously!i bow to thee!this is such descriptive writing, Rene!you make me wanna dump the novel & write poetry!so picturesque, so feeling! such precision and word placement!i hope you're thrilled with this…you. have. arrived.Chuck

  3. Rene, lovely poem. It made me feel chilly… Brrrr. You have to move to Canada. We have flowers blooming here in Vancouver. 🙂 Beautiful peach colored rose buds. The sad thing is, the 2010 Winter Olympics will be here in three weeks, and I am afraid people will be water skiing instead of alpine skiing. *sigh*Cheers,Jo

  4. You've done this to me before. You write a personification of some thing and I'm thinking it's a person as I read it. This time it was a dying grandmother. Then I read the actual and do a "Huh? Oh, yeah. Cool."Well written Rene. I just realized today that I lost your link on my blog feed. Glad I saw you elsewhere!Cheers,SLC

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