like a comet
with a beautiful tail
streaking through your orbit
a flirtation
out of reach
still you’re winking
out of habit
you’re landscape
under a flight path
one dash
in a dotted line
one wish
in a billion of
bedside whispers
cast into the sky

and it’s gone
before you know it
and all you got
is what you saw
just a fleeting
 frozen memory
unable to thaw

2AM Poetry ~ Rene 2010

13 thoughts on “flash

  1. Very nice,I'm going to third the wishes made by Beth and Ginny. Please don't ever stop writing. Your writings transport me to a different place for a brief pause in time.Thank you, ReneSmiles~Felinae~

  2. These are really good lines: "one dash in a dotted lineone wishin a billion ofbedside whisperscast into the sky"I haven't been able to write a poem for weeks now. I'm jealous. My word verification is "blesse" so blessings on you.

  3. I adore these lines: in a billion ofbedside whisperscast into the skyMakes me think of so many different things…. a little girl praying at her bedside, a woman wishing for change, a couple whispering intimately to each other…. Really beautiful word-smithing.

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