Blades Of Cotton

look of steely determination and effortless grace while posing frozen mid-ice waiting for music to start
perfectly positioned arms and delicate porceline doll like hands extended out to an adoring crowd
plucky, girl next door, underdog, Miss Runner-Up story aired before performance
tiger-like smile after nailing quad
infectious happy tears after finishing program
playful kiss and cry room banter
beatific look of humble gratitude while accepting flowers
3 hanky, most downloaded on youtube, medal acceptance complete with heart tugging national anthem moment

Talent needed to complete the skating part of the program…
I’m going to have to get back to you on that

Does sock skating count?

Peace ~ Rene


9 thoughts on “Blades Of Cotton

  1. You have everything needed! The Gold is yours, my friend; and I will be proud to share the story of how we met with everyone I know. They will ask me if you are as much fun as you appear to be, and I will regale them with tales of margarita and guacamole parties and us playing Rock Band in our socks…Pearl

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