Like a tic-tac on flypaper

You know when you go to the refrigerator and then just stand there staring at the milk or oj, or whatever the hell else you have in there, because you can’t remember what you wanted…this post is a lot like that

My mother’s dog Lena secretly pees on floor near the slider after she has been let out…my mother does not believe me ( it’s condensation from the window, she maintains) and gets defensive.
I swear Lena is smirking at me in that ha-ha kind of way.
Why would I lie about such a thing?
I stand to gain nothing.
Heads up Lena, I’m on to you, bitch.

While I was at the garage, passing time waiting for my oil change, I was marveling at a long piece of flypaper festooned with fly remains of all shapes and sizes. I noticed what looked to be two or three tic-tacs stuck to the strip.
Why and how I wondered.
Were some bored kids chucking them up there?
How many tic-tacs were tossed before those few stuck?
Ahhh…But now there’s minty fresh fly death and only one and a half calories!

Why are you going this way? Lafayette is much quicker!
Ugh, are you seriously going to make a left off of Pine in this traffic?
Pull through to the next spot, Go now before someone turns in GO NOW!
Drop me off at the door and I’ll get us a table..
Where’s the waiter?!
It’s really nice to get out and relax, don’t you think?

On vacay this week soooo…sorry for the drive-by post
be back next week:)

Peace ~ Rene

19 thoughts on “Like a tic-tac on flypaper

  1. Are you sure those weren't maggots?I know, you're welcome : )Your Mom's a back seat driver?Thats hilarious! I could drive off a cliff and my Mom would still be like " I'm sure you know what you're doing, honey."

  2. I believe this is the first time I've ever seen the term "bitch" used as both a pejorative AND a simple statement of species and gender.Just one more reason why you rock.

  3. Maybe we could set up a camera to film that fly paper… And when my mother drives? Well, let's just say that my boys refer to one certain move as "the Batman leap." You want to wear your seat belt.

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