everything’s fine

that’s the last time
she said
as she put it on the shelf
the last, last time
her freedom lie just
a foot beyond
the other side of the door
maybe this time
not this time
everything’s fine
no, really
everything’s good
how convincingly
she could fool them
throat stinging
how lovingly
he praised her cunning
eyes shining
if nothing else
there was that
and dreams
of  crossing over
to a life
greater than
this less than
Peace ~ Rene

15 thoughts on “everything’s fine

  1. "…and her freedom just outside that door if she could only walk across that floorand lead a life greater than this less than fine"You nailed it right there, Rene. She is finally free.

  2. Very pretty. And from a writing perspective, I LOVE the way you came back to the shelf. You left it alone just long enough for the reader to begin to forget and then made me look at it again. So good.Cheers,SLC

  3. I always want to yell b*llsh*t when someone tells me everything's fine… Love your Spring countdown… and just noticing your side bar change up. Love your sentiments there.

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