sky blue
saturday song
got me
that tune
for the whole day
trying to find the
to describe
this delicious~ness
only trouble
is that
they ain’t been
invented yet
can i draw
a picture
for you?
oh no
that shade of blue
would never, ever do
maybe if i make you
a dish of
something nice?
hmm but
i just can’t find
 je ne sais spice..
i could make you
a sweater
and wrap you
in it’s charms
but here’s
 the problem
it would have
orangutan arms
so i think
 i’ll stick
with the thing
i know the best
and that’s keeping it
and i’ll let nature
do the rest
sky blue
saturday song
got me humming that tune
the whole day long…
Peace ~ Rene

16 thoughts on “saturdilemma

  1. Oh that is funny what Pearl wrote above as I was thinking the exact same thing–you really could make these into songs. this one is so sweet. What a heart you have.

  2. I LOVE LOVE this one in particular. Love the orangutan arms. OK, Rene, I want to interview you for a Friday Feature on my blog. See the one being kicked off this Friday on my blog and let me know if I can do likewise with you to get others to read your amazing poetry. In fact, I really think you coudl sell your work. Its is so sweet and thoughtful and …well delicious!

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