You always make me never forget

i’m looking
in the rearview
and all i see
are your baby shoes
keeping time
with the radio
i don’t realize this
at the time
i will remember this
you are sitting with me
on the front stoop
waiting for daddy
we are blowing soap bubbles
“big enough to catch a fat bluebird”
i can’t get over
how much
this still makes me laugh
while i watched my world
collapse, sobbing
one September morning
you brought me
some toys
and instructed me to
your face
to my face
while patting my back
you didn’t realize this
but by taking care of me
the way that I take care of you
made me so proud of you
i remain so…always
i’m looking
in the rearview
and now i see
 a bright, young girl
who looks a lot like me
your tennis shoes
keep time
with whatever’s on
your ipod
i convince myself
that i can still see
your baby face
For Mary
Peace ~ Rene

15 thoughts on “You always make me never forget

  1. I have a similar memory, a small and sincere child pushing his earnest little face into mine.I so admire your ability to pack so much into so few words. Incredible.Pearl

  2. Beautiful, Rene. It brought me nearly to tears. I guess that tells you how powerful your writing is. You and Mary… what a special bond you have. ~ Peace!

  3. So lovely, Rene. I have four daughters and four different sets of tales like this, of which you reminded me on this fine Saturday morning, while they are all enjoying their own new tennis shoe tales with their own kiddos. That circle of. Life thing is pretty cool too. Thanks.

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