You’re Ice and I’m Salt

my friend
let me get
inside of your
kinda lonely
out here
and talking to
is a little weird
i say…
hey, hey!
my friend
i do believe
we’ve met
and i know your
tickle spots
so really
please unlock
and let me in
i say…
hey, hey, hey!
my friend
i get the hint
i’ll go away
but i don’t
really want to
cuz it’s my hobby
melting you
until you spill
i say…
hey, hey, hey, hey!
my friend
what’s that
you’re doing with
your face?
it’s cracking up
all over the place
i think at last
 i’ve gotten to you
now your mouth is
 opening too
and it’s so cool
for me…
 to finally see
my friend
 hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Peace ~ Rene 

27 thoughts on “You’re Ice and I’m Salt

  1. Thanks everyone for your kind comments..Though I don't often get a chance to comment back, let me just say that I am honestly thrilled that you all take a bit of your time to read my stuff.I really like when people read my stuff.Peace ~ Rene

  2. Like the slow, gentle approach to breaking the ice, Renee! A good reminder that you don't always have to use a hard, sharp object to chip away at it. (Being that I've never lived where it snows, it's hard for me to actually name the tool!) But the salt just seems a bit gentler 🙂 and maybe even more effective?

  3. you are always amazing with your choice of words. Love it as usual. Rene, btw, so excited to see you join Creative Tuesdays. No worries if you can't really draw as you've said before. everyone starts somewhere and the idea is to just be creative and give it a shot, have fun. We do this all together. It's not a competition but an opportunity to be expressive in ways other than writing and photography that many of us already do on our blogs. Remember, you can collage too, if preferred.

  4. Rene, no need to publixh this comment:please check out your email listed in your profile ( as I am sending you something I'd appreciate if you opened it soon. thanks!

  5. I can imagine these words to be lyrics for a song…BTW: how can I follow your blog? I can't seem to find the "Follow" link. Do you have one?or maybe I'm just blind, hey, hey, hey, with salt in my eyes!

  6. Doris, scroll up to the navigation bar at the top of the page,Look to the left, next to the white search box, there should be the word "FOLLOW"…click it and that should do the trick :)You can also subscribe by scrolling to the bottom of the page and filling out the information.Peace ~ Rene

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