Finding Love All Over The Place

Hey! I’m a featured blogger…read my interview here
and I’ve been published on IndieInk…read that here

Have a great weekend

Peace ~ Rene


16 thoughts on “Finding Love All Over The Place

  1. Hi Again,I promise not to make this a habit. Congratulations on both your interview and publishing! Very interesting interview and outstanding writing! Oh, by the way . . . a big influence in my life came from a caring kindergarten teacher who also became my elementary teacher. I wrote about her on my site. It is entitled Sister Mary Katharine.Regards,

  2. Thanks everyone for helping me enjoy my little sliver of sunshine.You continue to strengthen me with your encouragement and advice.Dean,what you wrote about Sr. Mary Katherine was the first thing I read on your blog. Absolutely beautiful. I encourage everyone to check it out.

  3. *plink*i love the innerview and why cant i havea glitter kitty ? (to be totaly frank, i have no idea what a glitter kitty is. i'm hoping it's some kind of sticky candy)loved what you wrote about art being like a child cheers colourful ones 😉

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