the gulf is hemorrhaging
the blood of progress
the ancient remains
of yesterday
 strangle the life
and livelihood
from today and tomorrow
as we watch helplessly
but not blamelessly
and I just want to say
that if your bad day at the office
can be seen from space
you officially can’t have your life back
Peace ~ Rene

10 thoughts on “Non-Renewable

  1. This strikes me as the scariest horror movie ever – what are we doing? Why is this happening. I know that the human race is determined to extinguish life in every form – we are going to kill not only our animals and plants, but ourselves as well … and then have the ignorance to cry about it: "Why, dear God, why did God let this happen?" It's not God that's letting this happen – it's all us, we are killing ourselves and are doing our best to exterminate every living thing in our path…somehow, I don't believe that we have the power to destroy the whole planet altogether; I believe after we're gone there will be a fraction of life left and that will grow and will start again – renew again and come back the way it once was and the Earth will survive, but man will have failed to survive!But, that's just my opnion, I could be wrong! (Maybe we will blow ourselves up into Kingdome Come!)

  2. I like your poem, especially the last four lines. Someone must be held responsible for this tragedy. The sad thing is there is nothing us little people can do but watch the horror unfold. If we could hop in our cars and drive down and save the day, we certainly would, but this is too big for us to fix. We've got to make our mark in other ways–so, to borrow a phrase from the holocaust franchise: NEVER AGAIN. Let's try to do that much and find ways to make NEVER AGAIN happen for the environment. I don't know how, but if we all talk about it, maybe we can figure it out.

  3. We are all responsible for this mess…if indirectly. Why drill for oil? We need it. We've become dependent on petroleum. Look around you…there is little, if anything, in our lives that hasn't used petroleum somewhere in its creation.Yes, the people directly responsible should pay the price for their stupidity and greed…but we should also shoulder our own portion of the blame for creating this situation in the first place. They wouldn't have been out there perforating our planet if we hadn't demanded more, more, more…Beautiful poem, Mizz Rene…and please don't take the above as anything but a rant…I'm worried about the Gulf, and about the wider-reaching (global) consequences of this human folly…and I'm tired of some (not you) folks and their smug "I told you this was evil and blame the corporations and blah, blah.." who don't see the irony in the shoes and clothing they wear, the containers they store food in, the shampoo they wash their hair with, the homes they heat and cool, etc.Also, for a bit of weirdness, my verification word is "inhale". Umm…Shade and Sweetwater,K

  4. just to clear things up here…this isn't anti-big oiland I do not believe God is punishing us…like Kyddryn I realize we are dependant upon oil ( it is the blood of progress), though I do believe alernative energy sources need to be found as the supply is non-renewable and finite.This spill is catastrophic, it's impact is going to felt for generations..we are way past pointing fingers and covering our asses. We have to rise up to this challenge,all of us that use Earth as our mailing address, and together come up with a solution.And if I may be so bold…it's time to pray for wisdom, strength and guidance…Peace ~ Rene

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