The Sum Of Her Seashells

sugar frosted feet
sun kissed knees
freckled faces
saying cheeeese!
families on the beach
under umbrellas
building sandcastles
for Cinderella

some folks bring everything
but the kitchen sink
we just bring towels
 oranges and sunscreen
and something to drink
y’know oranges taste better
 sitting on the beach
 nothing more delicious
except maybe a peach

the water beckons bathers
with her salty hello’s
” why don’t you come a little closer,
let me tickle your toes.”
her tidal aroma
through my senses does swirl
ahhhh…the breath of life
my spine uncurls

i listen to her many voices
a roar
a whisper
a chantey
a crash
a giggle
 a taunt
a happy puddle splash

we lug around buckets of seashells
growing too heavy to hold
can’t we throw some back?
each one of them is gold

we sit on our towels
as we count up our treasures

an infinite number
of simple pleasures
among them
sun, sand and water
but the greatest
is this time together
just me and my daughter.

Peace – Rene

all words and images by rene 2009

13 thoughts on “The Sum Of Her Seashells

  1. what an incredible post. Beautiful, just beautiful. This is Jessica from Bernthis. Blogspot. won't let me leave a comment under my blog name they insist on putting my daughter's blog name instead so from now on until I decided whether or not to delete hers, I will be commenting as phobesprettypictures.

  2. A playful poem for a wonderful adventure. I remember those days when my daughter was younger and we played at the beach like that. Now we just seriously walk along with heads down, looking for shells or other treasures. Sigh. 🙂

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