Stuff it…

While speaking to a friend the other night I started spewing refrigerator magnet wisdom, she just smiled and asked me to hold her child’s artwork.
Sometimes shut-ups are subtle.

I need to stop speaking in metaphors..”I am your harbor”..what the hell does that even mean? Can I dock overnight? Pretty on a postcard…kinda tweaky in real life.
Sometimes “I’m here if you need me” gets the point across nicely, plus there’s less cringing.

Nagging my spouse to have the mole on his forehead “looked at”, like a zillion times in one day, did deserve the response “I have..and you’re doing a phenomenal job”
Shut up and make the appointment for him.

I need to realize, strange as it may seem…that sometimes it positively, absolutely and without a doubt most certainly… is not about me.
Sometimes shutting up is necessary.

I also have to always remember to speak up, even if it takes every ounce of courage that I have and even if it means losing everything, when I see an injustice or if I witness someone not being treated with dignity and respect.
Sometimes shutting up is impossible.

Peace ~ Rene


10 thoughts on “Stuff it…

  1. So well put. there's a thin line between when it is better to remain quiet but with injustices it's best to speak up but wisely too so the victim isn't further hurt, such as in case s of domestic abuse or especially child abuse. so sad.

  2. Oh, you nailed this one to the floor, Sistah! "Refrigerator magnet wisdom…"Love that line. Gotta remember it, too. It's so important to cultivate our own thoughts, a singular voice- doing and saying the right things for the right reasons.

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