Pop-Tarts World

Make no mistake, that huge monolithic Pop-Tarts vending machine that greets you upon entering Pop-Tarts World lets you know right away, that variety is the spice…err filling…of life.

And if you like Pop-Tarts and all associated retro kitsch, you’ll think you’ve died and gone to Pop-Tarts heaven.

Your dream of living la vida Pop-Tarts comes true every hour thanks to a light show that allows you to get frosted and sprinkled, just like your favorite rectangular pastry.
You can even hop online and further transport yourself into their world, via the PopTartsWorld.com computer lab.

But if you’re just there for the food, the Pop-Tarts Cafe does not disappoint. The eclectic menu features the Fluffer Butter, marshmallow fluff spread between two Hot Fudge Pop-Tarts and the popular Pop-Tarts Sushi, minced Pop-Tarts wrapped in fruit leather.
And if you’re feeling adventurous, the Cafe chefs will top any basic pastry with a frosting and topping of your choosing.

The main event, however, is the Pop-Tarts vending machine or “Varietizer”.  Standing tall in the center of the room it offers all 23 Pop-Tarts flavors. For $12 you can bring home your very own custom made 12 pack. A little pricey but as my daughter put it, “these are special, these are NYC Pop Tarts.”

Worth a visit, if only to see Milton The Toaster once again and the Pop-Tarts wallpaper that adorns the bathroom walls.

Pop-Tarts World is located at 128 West 42nd Street, between Broadway and 6th Avenue, NYC.


12 thoughts on “Pop-Tarts World

  1. Yes, the tarts of NYC are much more special than the tarts of just about anywhere. Quite special.oops…PopTarts…hehheh…right, toaster pastries…my bad! :)BTW, I use to seriously get my Pop-Tart on with the vanilla filling ones. Oh, man, out of the toaster and into Nirvana!

  2. are you even saying you were there today? because i was in NYC today, went down there to pick up some M&M's swag for my kids, was told about the Pop Tart thing but didn't find it. if YOU were THERE today my heart might break completely!

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