baring it all in the name of honesty

I just adore the Celeb Fridge feature in the back of Rachael Ray Everyday magazine.
How fabulous is it to catch a glimpse of something as personal as the cold food storage unit of a star?
There they are, whoever the lucky celebrity of the month is, posing cutely in front of their Sub-Zeroes, baring their larder.
It’s all quite homey and heartwarming. And look! Bobby Flay drinks Pellegrino just like me!
But somehow I feel they aren’t being completely honest with me.
Each fridge is so unbelievably tidy and spilling over with fresh organic produce and designer water.
Everything so crisp in the crisper, so beautifully faced and edged on those sparkling shelves.
Condiment bottles with nary a trace of dried crud on their outsides.
Bullcrap! I say.
I tighten the chinstrap of my skeptical hat and wonder if I’m even looking at Kathy Griffin’s fridge at all.
Maybe it’s just a big, fat studio hoax.
A hoodwinking of celestial proportions.
So I have decided to put an end to all of this phoney baloney organizational nonsense and bare it all.
For you.
I will do for cluttered pantries what Teri Hatcher has done for brow wrinkles.

Big mess in a little pantry ~ Rene 2010

Why pantry? You ask.

Why not?
My blog, my rules.
So…Yep. This is how we roll with the staples around here.
We are a house full of eleven year olds.
And yes. 
It is completely organized.
I have a system.
On a more serious note:
Please remember your local food pantries, soup kitchens and shelters this time of year.
One in six Americans struggle with hunger and food insecurity every day.
Back to school is an especially busy time for community food banks as food, personal care and school supplies get depleted very quickly.
Check in with your local agency to see what you can do to help.

I invite everyone to proudly display their “hot messes”, along with the above reminder, in support of ending hunger locally, nationally and globally. If you would like me to link your page to this post Let me know in either a comment or an e~mail.

The Hot Mess Link List:

Mmm from Hot Toast and Jam

“One life, you got to do what you should.” ~ U2
Peace ~ Rene

29 thoughts on “baring it all in the name of honesty

  1. I sometimes wondered about those food shows. They make everything look so easy as they pull the prepared food from under the counter. My pantry looks like yours but is also organized, for me. My family has trouble with it though.Every so often, I clean out the pantry and anything not expired, I donate. It feels good to help out.

  2. Yes, Beth I am skeptical of those food shows. Every time I reach into my oven..there is nothing there!Kevin I got enough PB&J anf Tuna fish for you and your kin…come on over! Bring beer!Brian, you flatter me with your nearsightedness :)Rene

  3. Felinae..I am in good company then girl :)Braja..It's da Natural kind too :)Creamy and Super Chunk..cuz I'm all about choices.Marian: It is! Jealous?Jules: You can see that I am least trying here. Who am I kidding? I shut the door, it magically disappears 🙂

  4. Wow, using Skippy peanut butter for brow wrinkles? Will it do anything for the scars on my legs? Wait isn't that what your blog was about? Giggle, just kidding. Your pantry is a beautiful disaster and I'll bet Kathy Griffins looks just like it. Thanks for the reminder to remember our local food pantry.

  5. Good to know that others share my system for organization. You actually have food in your pantry. Mine contains a bit of food, a couple bottles of wine but mostly a large variety of misc. items that have nothing to do with the kitchen.and my freezer? mostly empty, but there is a pallet with paint and some uncleaned brushes.

  6. Chuck! D'oh! I need Fluff, thanks for noticing. And why yes those are NYC Pop-Tarts :)Catherine.I Thank you.Muchly.Beautiful Disaster is the name of my imagined band.Deb, It is becoming very clear to me that my organizational skills have put me in the company of genuises.Rene

  7. Hahahha. Yoa are SOOOO funny, Rene. Love how disarming you can be. Love your pantry shot and what a great idea. Oh mine is to die for, let me tell yo. I should do that too. In fact after this shot I think I will do just that. Blogworthy for certain. I see you have the essentials of life down though–Peanut butter and tuna. you can survive a nuclear war on that, you know. Yes a good reminder about the homeless shelters. thank you for that too.

  8. I like the mish-mash of boxes in the back. It's like a little cracker city or something back there. You are brave. If I showed you my pantry, you'd also have to see how far past the "sell by" dates everything is. But if I cleaned it out, the pantry would be bare . . .

  9. Bumble Bee is the only tuna that makes it's way into my house!!!!Love the pantry, looks just like mine except I have stacks of toddler meals for my precious little granddaughter!!!

  10. There is nothing in my life that is TV ready, and that includes the refrigerator and the pantry.You know how they have "fluffers" in porn?OK, well they so do.I need fluffers at my house to fluff my life into a state of camera readiness.I so do.Sigh.

  11. Oh I love this idea! I'm definitely going to post a pic of my pantry and link back to you. I try to always have something on hand for canned food drives, especially when the holidays are coming up. This is a great reminder!

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