Fun Stuff And A Monster

Here we are.

Back to School Eve.
Our last summer vacay Sunday night.
Sunday nights were my absolute favorite part of summer vacation.
Just lying there in bed, cozy with the knowledge that I didn’t have to be up at six to get ready for school.
Standing-on-my-head-happy that I didn’t have to forcibly remove my daughter from her bed.
But, alas…it’s baaaack.
And we’re ready for it.
Might as well start telling ourselves that we are anyway.

Please do me a favor and do not look at the monster at the end of this post.

Though we did not travel too far from home base we did do some fun stuff over vacation
Here are a few of the highlights:
Lake Sunapee ~ Rene 2010
We hung out at the lake like it was our job.
This is Lake Sunapee, but we visited Lake Ossippee and Balch Pond as well.

We goofed off at the mall ~ from left, Me, Elena and Mary.
If you ever meet me IRL you will quickly notice that I don’t have a date stamped across my face. Or as many eyebags, hopefully. I will most likely have children attached to my head.

Scary. But they are not the monsters I am talking about.

We competed in the NYC Marathon trials, aka speed walking through NYC behind my sister.
I had to take pictures on the fly while trying not to fall too far back behind her.
“No trying on clothes this trip out, there is a terrible bedbug problem in the city.”, she announced in her best Miranda Priestly.
We had a great time but, Oy was I ever glad to sit back down on the train.

No monster at the top of that pointy building…phewww!

For this alone I could love NYC for the rest of my days.
Mary and Zoey the puggle ~ Rene 2010
We hung out at my sister’s house/mini resort in NJ.
She’s got a hot-tub, a pool and a lounge all up in her yard.
And, of course, Zoey the puggle.
I have a sprinkler, a couple of folding chairs and a mini-fan.
She wins.
But I get to visit and take advantage of all of her stuff without the upkeep.
So maybe it’s a push.

Still didn’t look at that monster, right? Sweet!

We spent a few weeks in my hometown, Morristown NJ
visiting family, friends and old familiar places.

Gold’s Variety Store ~ Morristown NJ
Rene 2010

Jacob Ford Playground ~ Morristown, NJ
Rene 2010
Ahem…no lookee, no monster…m’kay?
Terrible drive by picture of the George Washington Statue in front of  Washington’s Headquarters
Morristown, NJ
Rene ~ 2010
Fourth of July ~ Whippany  NJ
Rene 2010
Tempe Wick House~Morris Township, NJ
Rene 2010

Lastly, we saw the most beautiful sunsets. I don’t know what it was but they were particularly stunning this year.

Whippany, NJ ~ July 2010

very pretty, but pretty please no monster.

Lake Sunapee, NH ~ August 2010

Okay. I, lovable little Rene, cannot stop you from looking at the monster any further…so please, go ahead, tickle him with your mouse.
but be careful….

<p><p><p>Sorry, your browser does not support iframes.</p> </p></p>

your socks will be rocked clean off.

Seriously, this is music you will leave on…long after the kids have exited the vehicle.
Feel Good Fun Stuff!
And…all proceeds go towards education and awareness of Smith Magenis Syndrome.
Good music for a good cause.
Be sure to tickle, I mean click, on all of the links to learn about SMS and what you can do to help spread the word.
Please visit Ryan at Pacing The Panic Room and let him know what you think.

Peace ~ Rene


15 thoughts on “Fun Stuff And A Monster

  1. Everywhere I go today I'm running into Ryan at the Panic Room!All right! All right! I'm going!!!Sheesh.:-)Thanks, Rene, and nice to see you. I love that color on you. :-)Pearl

  2. Thank you so much for visiting today!I just wanted to let you know that I will be playing Do Fun Stuff in my kindergarten class this year!If you can't get the "Monster" to play please visit iTunes and search for Do Fun Stuff…you will be able to play and order it there…and if you feel so inclined you may rave about Do Fun Stuff as well! Thank you all so much!Rene

  3. Love this gathering up of a fabulous summer! We have a week left, and the girls are in a frenzy of fitting in all the fun they apparently forgot to have up until now. So lovely.Plus also?I am looking forward to having my days back.Just a little.

  4. Man, I was so afraid that by the time I got to the monster, it would leap out at me and growl and scare the bejeezus out of me!So okay, I'll check it all out. Great pics and how cool about that marathon. You go, girls!

  5. Ahhh…the end of summer šŸ˜‰ I live in Texas so it's really hot and I'm really happy about it! Back to school is fun…or it can be if you make it that way! Good luck! I am doing well Rene and thanks for stopping by!XO~Court

  6. What a fun summer. Sorry I cannot listen to the happy music. Maybe I am just evil but it reminds me of the wiggles. Hip Hip hooray I can lower the volume. I know, I am a bitch. Bring on the Lou Reed.

  7. What a fantastically fun summer! I have always thought Jersey was a fun state. I LOVE that you have so many beaches : ) and you have so many Mommy's with spunky attitudes! Perfect. What could be better! : ) I live across the bridge. Sometimes we come over for dinner. Or the aquarium!

  8. "PAss it On.." –yeah, like that. Very addictive I imagine. You certainly did have a good summer, over all, didn't you? I wonder how the new semester is shaping up for you?

  9. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading "For Faith". It's nice to meet an ex-Jersey girl. I grew up in the woods of NJ such as they were back then along the Green Brook that carved part of our borough. Back then Dunellen was a tree shaded railroad town, the town of my grandfather, the town of my mother and to still from Paul Simon, my little town.Anyway, the pics of Morristown and the others in this post brought me back to NJ for a moment and like your post of Nov 6, 2010, parts of me are missing.Well, it is nice meeting you and I'll pop back over here from time to time.

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