Honey Gold

honey gold
warming my cheek
your light is gonna
last me 
through the week

golden delicious
sweet autumn kisses
taste so nice
mixin’ the sugar 
with the spice

workin’ those rays
you keep me
when the sky turns

and when the night 
you’ll hear your name 
see you soon

i’ll brag about you
to the moon.


21 thoughts on “Honey Gold

  1. i LOVE this. i will brag about YOU to the moon. beautiful.man, you disappear, i see you tinkering with your blog, you come back, it looks different again and better and THIS.i luuuv you. serious.

  2. Hey, there…likin' the nouveau graphique for the blog.I also like this post, especially that line about bragging to the moon. Sweet.Yet, the entire time I was reading this, Mark Sandman was crooning like the devil about sweet and good, in the form of Honey White

  3. I am breathless–ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT, Rene. You truly are so good. This actually, no joke, bought a tear to my eye in its simple beauty of rhyme. I am in awe of your creative spirit. So very inspiring..

  4. You have left me speechless, this is simply stunning poetry and perfect for our Potluck!! So happy you have linked, thanks so much for your wonderful support. Much love xxx

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