Pretty Perserverance

oh, my, my, my, my, my, my…
where are my pretty words?

they used to glide
down like a silk stocking
on an autumn afternoon

lately, they’ve been
bunched up like
grandmama’s girdle in august

“c’mon girl
lean in and
pull it together”

i shake and struggle
against too much morbidity
and not enough material

a multitude of sins
to be boiled down to
three adjectives

eventually things do come
together bound
and determined

with a tug and a pull
breathe in grandmama

now exhale…

Rene ~ 2010


17 thoughts on “Pretty Perserverance

  1. Well, actually, Rene, these are very beautiful words:"they used to glidedown like a silk stockingon an autumn afternoon"–the just do crack me up, btw, how you continually change your blog. hee.Hope you are well. Right, on to catch up some and read a few more of your posts here.

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