Scent Memory

black & white
sunday afternoon
sitting under blankets
sniffling & stargazing

chivalrous gentleman
offers handerkerchief
who is no fool
he dashes off
she breathes it in
eyes wide shut

nose buried
in kleenex
eyes red, shut
inhaling mentholyptis
i imagine the scent
of a gentleman

Rene ~ 2010

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47 thoughts on “Scent Memory

  1. i love the old time, romantic setting of the first two stanzas. . .and then the last, bringing it back to the here and now. i'm not sure if i'm grossed out by handkerchiefs or think they're cool. nice magpie.

  2. Love how scents can take us to a certain place in time, well remembered… Great Magpie!Thanks for taking the time to explore mine. I think I am enjoying the mystery of the gremlins as much as you all.

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