Just Like James Taylor

when you rub
my back
please go up
and down
with your
thumb and index
like a guitar
tuck my
hair behind my ear
tune my senses
tell me about
the time you
lived in Carolina
and what my
smile does
for you
speak to me
of fire and rain
of love and 
then I just want you to

rock me
and show
me the way
that you feel

Rene ~ 2010


25 thoughts on “Just Like James Taylor

  1. In my mind, I'm gone to Carolina…Rene, this is just gorgeous. I love it. I love it all, but the very simplicity of the last few lines only makes them all the sweeter and more affecting. And that title is perfect. Wow @ this one.

  2. Dear Not the Rockellers: You Rock! I love how the poem looks like a spine (is this concrete poetry?). Absolutely love back massages…oh yES!ps I love what you are doing to help the needy on your site. I'd like to do the same. How?

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