Song Of The Stone Healer

and I will make you
whole again
to what you
once were
standing tall
for what you hold
deep inside
silent sentinel
for those who 
steadfast reminder
for those who have
a herald
for those who
and I will make you
whole again
it is what I do
it is all I can

22 thoughts on “Song Of The Stone Healer

  1. it does matter…i saw a stone sitting against the fence at the cemetary…no clue where it went…i wrote the epitaph down to write about at some point…but i thunk you trumped anything i could do…smiles.

  2. What a kind-hearted, thoughtful poem of respect. This makes me think of all those unsung people who take time every day to notice, and then do what needs to be done. Whether it is picking up litter on their neighborhood street, spending time with a homeless person and listening without judgment, paying for a stranger's groceries when she forgot her purse or giving a movie ticket to a caregiver and sitting in for them, so they can have the night off… This is the quality and mindset of your poem. Lovely piece.

  3. and i will make you whole again… that line caught me immediately, especially since i read it after reading a few words about me and this blog. i'm going to put you on my blogroll because i am hooked, sugar! xoxox(came over via irish gumbo.)

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