tongues of fire
spread the news
of a brilliant history
we gather the fallen
in peach baskets
each one precious,
magnificently hued
green booted we
playfully scud needles
and cones heavenward
as harvest fragrances dance
wet earth mingles
with burnt offerings
branches heavy bearing
gifts of a year in the life
make sweet the dark time
soon to fall

Rene ~ 2010

A Magpie Tales submission for Magpie 35.
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61 thoughts on “Finale

  1. Rene:My first time to your lovely blog way of magpie — thanks for the lovely comment on mine….Like Mary Oliver you are influenced by living in a beautiful New England State and your poem brilliantly captures the exquisite essence of the season. I would love to send you a little duckling for the reminder of the coming spring – for the winters there can be icy cold. But your memories of the Fall will be enough to carry you through.Cheers,Joanny

  2. Beautiful, have read the reference to Mary Oliver, and see it, too (she is one of my fave poets ever!).The lines I loved best:"as wet earth mingleswith burnt offerings,"captures the fall feeling so well.

  3. It is my favorite season also, and, although I am quite late in reading Magpies #35 I know that my autumn has been enhanced by the beauty of your poem. Really loved it.

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