waiting for the boss

this is the story of the girl
who lives in the basement
of the girl next door

sheltered in the confines of a 
suburban tract house dungeon
her punishment for runnin’ wild

with dreams half unlatched
she runs like a spirit in the night
from these badlands

wind blowin’ through her hair
she shields her eyes from the blinding light
and hugs onto a shoreline of hope

someday soon, she’s not sure when
a savior will rise up from these streets
carrying an armload of rain soaked roses and second chances

she believes this faith will save her
take her by hand and raise her up
and out of this edgy darkness

Rene ~ 2010

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57 thoughts on “waiting for the boss

  1. Thanks everyone!With each of Willow's Magpies I go with my first thoughts on the photo.As soon as I saw this weeks photo I swear I heard the opening harmonica riff of Thunder Road…and so I ran with it.and Jeff?her number is 867-5309Thanks again everyone 🙂

  2. Mercy. What DON'T i love about this? girl who lives in the basement of the girl next doordreams half unlatcheda savior…carrying an armload of rain soaked rosesStop it, Rene, this just taps into every nervous, restless, hopeful gorgeous dream a girl ever had. I fucking LOVE this.

  3. This is beautiful. I love "hugs onto a shoreline of hope"! Hope DOES spring eternal, doesn't it?And thanks for visiting my blog. Visitors and helpful, hopeful comments always appreciated.Kay, Alberta

  4. Oooh, love the line…'hugs onto a shoreline of hope'… yes, I think she will make it out of this basement… or at least, let's hope.Thanks for stopping by my place. Truly appreciate the comments and input from my fellow writers.

  5. Oh! Oh my god! Oh my! I loved this. I loved the hope. I loved the images "carrying an armload of rain soaked roses and second chances" wow. Like post-sex-lying-comfortably-type of wow.

  6. It's hard to know what to say after all these comments. I agree with them all. This is a lovely poem that flows beautifully across the tongue, past the ears and into the mind and heart.PG

  7. Just reading this again. Love that "edgy darkness" line. So grainy adn strong. BTW, dear Rene, you were so sweet to leave that verse. I had never heard it before and it was a good one to think on. thank you.

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