unicorn blues

Magpie Tales #37

woke up this mornin’ beside myself
just me, myself
starin’ at myself
forty days bleedin’ forty nights
endless frights
can’t stand my sight

risin’ river drownin’ hopes of love
no sign of light from them clouds above
down below, just a lonely gaze
silent and haunting through the smoky haze

green valley memories swirl and tease my head
and what you said
before you fled
promised me that i’d find love again
a true soul friend
at different rainbow ends

risin’ river drownin’ hopes of love
no sign of light from them clouds above
down below, just a lonely gaze
silent and haunting through the smoky haze

Rene ~ 2010

Whoa! Sorry for the mega depressing magpie! 
I even bummed myself out after reading this.
It is in no way autobiographical, so worry not gentle readers.
I usually go with my first thoughts when doing Magpies…my first thought upon seeing the photo prompt was loneliness…which led to me thinking about unicorns (because of that song)…and you know the rest. 
My mind is pretty much a carnival ride.
Two monkeys with a yo-yo on a ferris wheel. πŸ™‚

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50 thoughts on “unicorn blues

  1. I was gonna say… trying to outdo some of them old-school country songs, are you?What's that they say? Play the song backwards; get it all back.I'll read your poem backwards now. πŸ˜‰

  2. Glad it is not autobiographical. So easy to assume…. I usually go with what comes to my mind first. Sometimes it surprises even me, but sometimes there is a reason for something to be written. I honor that. And I honor YOUR writing.

  3. That's perfectly fine Rene, and adds depth and variety to your writing. :)BTW, you might care to read my side bar when you should happen to have a chance. i suspect you might get a chuckle out of it, along with some others, I'm quite sure. πŸ™‚

  4. Dear Rene: Very cryptic, just the right amount of elusiveness too ripe to pique…have to wonder about the"promised me that i'd find love againa true soul friendat different rainbow ends". Compromises to live life in the real versus the ideal? Got my two monkey mojo going on this one! Excellent!

  5. I didn't think your poem was so much depressing as it was true to the moment. We all know those feelings and poetry exposes all.Glad it wasn't autobiographical and that you can laugh and make us laugh too. I love the monkeys.

  6. I keep wanting to comment on this. I come here skipping along, humming contentedly to myself, then I read this and commenting seems exhausting beforehand, so I just go back to bed. Gah.

  7. "Two monkeys with a yo-yo on a Ferris wheel.":-) That just tickles me.Glad it's not autobiographical — and Willow's right: another one that should be set to music, perhaps an acoustic guitar…Pearl

  8. Rene – You are a great writer and yes I too found this a little sad. However, when I read "Two monkeys with a yo-yo on a ferris wheel" I had to laugh. You are my kind of gal I am glad we hooked up thanks to Magpie! Have a great week!

  9. Rene,I love your black side (and your red side too for that matter – that dress!!) I too find myself writing about sad and lonely things at times but i am the opposite in real life. I guess we all have the capacity to feel the full gamut of emotions – thank goodness, so writing about them doesn't make us them. Just means we're in touch with them. You write so you're a writer.

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