don’t tread on me

she’s still not over the fact that 
she is in the ground
she speaks in rattly, clattery, hissing
whenever they come around
“I’ll reach right up and turn your ankles
you unforgivable gits…
for burying me prematurely
over a spell of the coughing fits”
so angry with her new residence
bored a deeper shade of blue

she’s kicked over her marble marker
and broken it clean in two.

Boo! ~ Rene 2010

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70 thoughts on “don’t tread on me

  1. Wow, the Hateful Dead.As you probably know, people used to be afraid of being buried prematirely, and there were coffins with little bells on them and things like that, just in case. But this chick's dead as anything and doesn't know it. Bummer, lol. Really well written, Rene. I loved this.

  2. I thought this was so funny. I think if we had known each other in life, she would not have been an easy person to know. She would no doubt dislike me for not taking her seriously.

  3. Awesome. I'm going to post Keats' "This Living Hand" because of you.This living hand, now warm and capableOf earnest grasping, would, if it were coldAnd in the icy silence of the tomb,So haunt thy days and chill thy dreaming nightsThat thou would wish thine own heart dry of bloodSo in my veins red life might stream again,And thou be conscience-calmed– see here it is–I hold it towards you.

  4. Hilarious, clever, and at this time of year, creepily believable – woo- ooo – ooo- ooh!The rhyme was subtle and didn't seem to control the poem, which allowed the spirit of the dead to have her say.Excellent use of photo prompt, I loved it!

  5. Well, "Boo!" right back at ya, and thank you for this special Halloween Magpie!word verification is "tesse" …. is she announcing her name from her grave?!!!!!

  6. Ouch!! Not a very pretty story for her.. And it scared the hell outta me!! She really should quit bothering us innocent souls though.. 🙂 Enjoyed the read!! Creepy..but awesome!

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