the handsome monkey king

Magpie Tales #40

somersault the world
stick the landing
shine them pearly whites
ain’t you a grand thing?

change your hair
seek and hide
wield your staff
change the tide

declare yourself
equal to heaven
anger the gods
sweep stables unending

make deals with demons
set horses free
lose a bet with Buddha
get locked up, five centuries

older and wiser
take a journey to the west
with a pilgrim named Xuanzang
and a restricting headdress

fearlessly travel
dark, dangerous woods
for your strength and service
earn Buddahood

Rene ~ 2010

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40 thoughts on “the handsome monkey king

  1. Just found your website and Magpie as well. Very impressed w.both and this poem is especially welcome and refreshing. Like the best,it hints & points a sign for the reader with a tale, rather than spelling out the whole plot & moral, leaving space for thoughts to come. Enjoyed it greatly.

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