scraped hearts heal

let you go
watched you fall
yes, it was hard but
i wanted you to learn how 
to pick yourself up and start over. 
 had i rescued you, it’s true, you wouldn’t have
cried but much worse than failing you wouldn’t have tried


25 thoughts on “scraped hearts heal

  1. Well gosh, thanks so much. Let me just have you sign my cast. Being hurled earthward is so instructive; how can I ever thank you? Next time, let's try the speeding train. Think how much I could learn!(I expect my angels all have migraines from dealing with me)I like the pyramid shape of the poem. Happy weekend, Rene! 🙂

  2. Brian, Shay and all gentle readers…this bit of writing is not advocating abandonment and abuse.I was just trying to put into a writing a recent moment when I had to step away and let nature take its course.No one was ever in danger of being seriously injured, emotionally or physically.

  3. In looking at this piece again, maybe the window with rain drops on it wasn't the best choice for a photo…one might assume the subject of this poem was hurled from it. The moody window shot ended up being a little more traumatic than dramatic.I've removed it and replaced it with a gentler flower. Enjoy.

  4. Never explain, never apologise, Rene! Let the writing stand for what it is. I'm a caring parent of three young kids and there have been many standings back after tumbles. Your poem explains why very elegantly, both in content and in style.

  5. so I've changed a few things around, to make things a little clearer.the initial picture of a raindrops on a window replaced with a flower, a less scary image.a few words switched around and changed in the last lines…carried changed to rescued clears up the whole my dropping the subject versus them falling on their own.These changes make the poem stronger.As I have stated, my work even years after the fact,is always in progress. And I take all criticism, whether tongue in cheek or not,very seriously because sometimes it can be helpful.

  6. Funny…I've often said that I won't wrap my son in cotton wool to protect him…sometimes he'll have to fall down and bleed a little to learn that gravity is always on and waiting to catch him out.I don't see advocacy for neglect or abuse…I see a mum saying that occasionally, we have to let go of our protective instinct and allow our little birds to learn to fly…and fall…and fly again.Shade and Sweetwater,K

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