bad girl risin’

Rene 2010

complicated pleasure
confiscated time
don’t bother to measure
she’s surely crossed the line
drawn by his hand
drawn to his love
driven by the stars
and the full moon above
the innocent eyes of a good girl
betray desires of the bad girl 
kept held at bay



23 thoughts on “bad girl risin’

  1. Play in the yard, Brian my friend? Play somewhere else, sounds like to me! I like what Irish Gumbo said. I would deny my Bad Girl if only I wanted to, and didn't need her horns to keep my halo straight.LOVED this, Rene. 🙂

  2. *smudges window with her nose*(and nudges her way around Shay)Yards are not as much fun as playgrounds. I say bring all the girls, good and bad and let's get some serious kick-the-can going.'Sides, you can't have Good without Bad. No flavor.

  3. Hey Rene! Missed your poetry. Don't even begin to tell me this piece was some sort of allegory to washing dishes or something. If I'm reading too much into this one, I need shock therapy.Great work!Cheers,Casey

  4. Hi RenePerfect verse in such a short lines..whether crossed or not, the line is there to be crossed… and as the innocent eyes betray the desires of 'bad' girl, I felt the betrayal is not her but of the inviting, sensuous hands… I liked this one very much…ॐ नमः शिवायOm Namah ShivayaTwitter: @VerseEveryDayBlog:

  5. hahahah. yes right, dishwashing! Umm…some kind of washing but not exactly dishes unless you can consier the protagonist as such. Another brilliant little verse here. I love it. the photo works well too. light in the dark.

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