eleven pm

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eleven o’clock news
spills despair all over
our bedspread 
we lie vertical,
an eleven
high definition images

bounce off windows and

mirrors transmitting
mini satellite feeds
across our universe
eyes, ears, souls overstimulated,
arms, legs, thighs, shoulders
drenched in blue plasma
we spoon into
each other anchored
weathering the 
media storm electric

let’s just stay close
like this
and never, ever
go outside
let’s make like
John and Yoko
(but without the cosmic
and stay right here
in this bed
let’s say we’ll not
take this madness,
this hell, anymore
just switch it all
right off
and instead,
in this bed
we’ll turn each 
other on and up
one louder
every night at eleven.

Rene ~ 2010

36 thoughts on “eleven pm

  1. rene, love love love this!i have aspired all my life to be yoko and john. i know, hippie corny, that's me.this is wonderful. can i come, too?will you protect me there, please?and hey, i have been missing you.and also, i like the way your blog looks now, with the photographs, the best. keep this one for a while.love xoxo. marian

  2. I thought you were talking about 9-11 but regardless, such an incredible poem. this has to be one of your best yet, Rene. you are an inspiration. Truly. I feel tingles move throughout my body when I read your words. thank you for your little bright spot of creative, thoughtful, soulful energy here. so, when are you going to make a book of your p0ems? I'd buy it

  3. I just read your "words about me" or reread it as it looks like it was updated at some point. I woudl encourage your readers to go thre. It is insightful about you adn well written too. Love these bits: "…for the fact that I don't know what the hell I'm talking about…or what you're talking about. Mostly what you're talking about."and"It is only on this blog that I appear to be somewhat of an adult.In real life, I need handlers and an earpiece with prompting going on from some remote location."oh you are funny, Rene, and cheeky too, as well as thoughtful at times, shockingly so. 🙂 Peace…P.S. I do have to chuckle here, as the anti spam word is "heelo"!

  4. Really like this, Rene. It is powerful, but seems to have a bit of a sense of humour (John and Yoko's yodelling). That last bit is ambitious (at least to a mid-lifer, like me. ha ha)You should never watch the news in bed.Kat

  5. Greetings, How are you?It is a thrill to land on your magical poetry land today! 🙂 ;)Jingle Poetry has magic, wonders, and miracles theme going on this week,Hope to see your contribution.Old poems, or poems unrelated to our theme are welcome.We treasure your support ! Come on in soon.Have A Lovely Tuesday!Happy Thanksgiving, You Rock!xxx

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