strugglin’ with faith

Rene ~ 2010

Faith tol’t me Hope
was at da bottom o’da well
alive and kickin’ as da day she wuz born
ah hadda believe her
ah just hadda
nowadays she always yammerin’ on ’bout
such crazy nonsense, po’ thing
Hope’d gone missin’ weeks ago.
an’ so ah went down, like i always do
down to dat well wit Faith lookin’
thot Hope’d be bobbin’ along up top
on accounta her dead floatin’ and all…
an’ ah’d just scoop her on out
…but no Hope, not now, again
it was nuthin’ der
it wuz never nuthin’ der
but water an’ more water
i wuz tired of all this crazy
so i just grab Faith’s fat ol’ hand an’ say
“See, she ain’t here, i ain’t seen her, so you ain’t seen her, so hesh up fool!”
dass when Faith got all spooky eye’d an’ tol’t me
“Emmie, u ain’t never believed me, not now, not yeser’day
until u do, ain’t gun’be any Hope…
not now, not never”

Rene ~ 2010

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20 thoughts on “strugglin’ with faith

  1. Where did you come up with this, Rene? I love it. I like the vernacular, and the whole way the poem unfolds is just the way it should, til the ending which is right on the money. Ain't heard tell of no poem like dis here befo. 😉

  2. What a conversation! I like it- however I would caution that it is only one version of the story- sometimes my hope and faith walk together and sometimesone or the other takes the lead! they certainly influence one another…right now today, I have to say hope has popped back up and faith is watching her go forth- Thanks!

  3. Ooohh…this, I like! I really really like!Loved how you personified them both.. oodles of meaning in this one, Rene! A super cool poem!! And the style was simply yo!!P.S: the previous was mine… it got posted as an anonymous comment 😦

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