silent bright

yes, i did believe
you had stopped listening
still i kept on talking
not about you, or me, or us
but of things around
rather than in between

i spoke of citrus
pine boughs and cinnamon,
foot prints in virgin snow
you fed a chickadee out of
the palm of your hand
pin droppingly speechless

i broke from singing
unending glory songs
and watched in admiration
a dance of joy, anticipated
wonder evident
silent, bright

Rene ~ 2010

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25 thoughts on “silent bright

  1. "…i spoke of citruspine boughs and cinnamon,…"Can one really speak of such things? yes, yes, and you did. I have their taste and smell in my mouth, mixing in the steam billowing from there in the cold night.sigh. marvelous.

  2. Shhh! Don't mention that reindeer in the room!I was raised by this couple. There was the Chamber of Commerce version of how things were, and to suggest that that was bullshit was to be stared at as if one had just landed from Mars.

  3. Well, you can colour me "pin droppingly speechless", because this was simply marvellous! You do a great turn of phrase, expressing the mundane in surprising ways that mines the magic that's always there before our eyes. Fantastic! 🙂

  4. Silent romance is ultra romantic.. cuz this silence can sing louder than the loudest!! Gosh.. your imagery was so vivid here… I felt I was watching a movie! A masterfully done One Shot!!!

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