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here is where the scenery fades
the fabric falls away
the adornments drop, unclasped
the paint runs down the sink

here is where real life
drowns out the music
upstages the acting
thunders over the applause

here is where the pretending stops
where the lighting 
dares you to get comfortable
and the kidgloves come off

here is a safe place
for revealing scars
smoothing calluses
and mending hearts and fences

where is this place? this “here”?
where can there be such freedom in knowing?
this is your house
dwell in it richly

Rene ~ 2010
Wishes for a happy and safe New Year to you all!


26 thoughts on “bare

  1. Yikes! Do I have to go there? To the bare foundation? Of course, this is exactly what we all must do, for grounding, for the sake of reality, and to reconnect with the self. Ah, geez. Ooooookay. I'll do it. Tomorrow.

  2. here is where the pretending stops. lovely – and extraordinarily true. i felt that today coming into the house and being able to collapse out of the view of the world.

  3. a safe placefor revealing scars..not many people have this, walking around and hiding them as good as possible. very nice poem renee – and happy new year to you

  4. Oh my gosh, Rene, I don;t know what it is about your writing but almost every time you leave me with goosebumps. I so love your prose and words chosen. this is amazing again.Wishing you a very happy new year too. Thanks for making my blogging experience that much more meanignful adn delightful as a result of you being here.

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