woven goods

who weft through
the warp of your life
for creating the tapestry

Rene ~ January 2011

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24 thoughts on “woven goods

  1. Wonderful!I love the analogy….weft through / the warp of your lifeis just a wonderful line (I smile in delight).I'm a first time visitor. Having a look around your blog, there's quite a bit I like. I don't know how I've missed it; must have been busy, don't know what with.You write in your profile:"I'm just a gal who writes.I just do.It's how I play."Well, let me just say: you got game girl! 🙂

  2. I have to agree – I love the whole idea of life being a tapestry. It reminds me of Carole King's song from (I think) 1970 or 1971. You did a lovely job of weaving your words here.

  3. Nice take on a prompt that was frankly incomprehensible to me. I'm waiting for next time, I think.;)I like weaving images and you've used them well here to number the threads that tie us together.

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