the places i go

i go there often
up the creaky staircase
up to the third floor
fingers tracing
black bumps on the handrail
comings and goings
embedded on mahogany
a jiggly skeleton key 
dances into the light of the keyhole
forty years stuck fast in the throat of time
a twist unlocks lemon yellow hello’s,
Jean Nate hugs and
ice cold drinks of New York tap water
from an Archie’s glass… and scooter pies.
sunday gravy simmers
singing italian songs
we watch the pot
obstructing it’s view with 
arithmetic pop quizzes at the kitchenette
curtain pom-poms cheering me on in the breeze
i go there often
to hold on or maybe
to just simply be held by time

Rene ~ January 2011

Every once an a while I’ll read something that just stitches it’s way into my DNA…
Here is a link to the poem  “my mother’s kitchen” written by Marian of “runaway sentence”.
Her poetry served as inspiration for this piece. Thanks, Marian ๐Ÿ™‚


28 thoughts on “the places i go

  1. i go there oftento hold on or maybeto just simply be held by time:-) Wow, Rene. Your stuff really speaks to me.I wonder if I read it in the same spirit it was written? I just wonder, that's all.Pearl

  2. Great stuff Rene!I go there all the time. We go there more often as we get older, appreciating all the little things that helped shape the person we are today.Keep it close, hold on tight and share the stories!

  3. I'm sitting here listening to the 80's station. I told my wife I loved 80's music. She said it was because it reminded me of a simpler time. I agreed. Then I opened your poem. Perfect thing to read at this moment. Thank you.Casey

  4. An intricate and lovingly built picture–especially liked the line about " forty years stuck fast in the throat of time…" I was thinking at first this was a close friend's house, and that says a lot about your grandparents and what they gave you. Really good work, Rene.

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