joy search

New Hampshire ~ January 2011
Rene Foran

i want to be the sight
for your sore eyes
i want to be the ahh
at the end of your sighs
i want to be the sweet
in your sorrow
the today in your

Actually, right now instead of writing, I want to be out in the garden poking around and planting stuff. The sun beating down on my neck. Hands in that dark, musky earth. Ahh that would be heaven. But I’m in New Hampshire, under roughly a foot of snow, in January, and I’m really not much of a gardener at all. In fact, I’m dismal… just ask my neighbors.
My lawn is my friendship barometer. If it’s looking good I’ll get the occasional wave from the driveway and a maybe a “Hello” or three. If it’s starting to look shabby, the shunning starts and then I know it’s time to mend hedges.
I have to get better about keeping things “curb appealing” around here. I need to get the joy.
My friend Lynn, she’s got the joy. Her garden looks like Eden, and a more joyful person I have never met. Well, there was another woman who used to live in my neighborhood who comes close. I think she was a relative of the lady who rents the house down the street. She was an older woman, grandmotherly. In the morning I’d see her on my way to work practicing tai chi on the front lawn and when I’d come home I’d see her elbows deep in the garden.
She was always smiling. I wonder where she went? I never knew her, but I miss her. I miss the wild tangles of honeysuckle and raspberry bushes of my youth. I miss Spring.

Where do you find joy?

Rene ~ January 2011

17 thoughts on “joy search

  1. … in a hug and 'I love you' from Charlie and Jennifer, my grandchildren. From hiking the acres and acres of Central Oregon wilderness. From reading. From cooking From singing. From playing my flute. From writing. From twinkles in the eyes of those living with dementia. From my children. As you can see, I could keep adding to the list all day. But I won't burden you with that!Your poem is exquisite.

  2. I find joy playing and laughing with my dog and walking outside with him, discovering and spending time together – often in silence, just soaking in the sun or the scenery…I love being outside in the moment with my dog and I love to crochet 😉

  3. I'm afraid to say, because I don't want to jinx it. I will confess that lately it has been a difficult search…I'm still trippin' on that poem. Not the exact words I have had in my head recently, but very much the ideas. Mindreader 🙂

  4. Love the poem. :-)It's 50 degrees and warm and balmy here in Vancouver. It smells like spring and the daffodils will be blooming soon. I wouldn't mind a little bit of snow. *sigh*I find joy in the sound of a friend's voice, or being with Phinnaeus and Marigold.

  5. I pruned my grape vines in December and was waiting for a nice day to burn the prunings because they were infected with blight. But being shut in got the better of me today. I went outside and burned the pile of prunings. It was nice listening to a crackling fire in the frozen world. I'm going after Spring. I'll meet it halfway here.

  6. The poem is stunningly beautiful in its simplicity and truth. Rene, it actually made me well up with tears in my eyes–moved me that much. I'd say that is a joy in itself actually.Waht brings me joy? Well, I have to say the simple things–things like a true hug or smile from one of my children or someone I've touched somehow. Also the tangible simple things like a quintessentially good cup of tea, perfectly made and cookie to dunk or some hot buttered toast. Sill I know, but so true. I do love to be out in a garden too among flowers and smelling the dirt but actually doing the work not so much. LOL. BTW, Don't you just wish you had talked to that neighbour now to know more of her story, right? Finally, arent you glad that Spring is the next season then? I know I am –so love that.

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