Film still from “The Door In The Floor” 

in that corner of time 
after everything left
dangling unsaid 
had been said
but before 
the absolute end of it all

in that small punctuation

of light before dusk
that glistening
surrendering eye of silent truce
this is where
i have chosen to remember you

Rene ~ January 2011


30 thoughts on “threshold

  1. "…that glistening surrendering eye of silent truce…."This is where the sounds and rhythms of words combine with their meanings to create something truly gorgeous.

  2. Thank you everyone for stopping in, reading my stuff and telling me what you think about it. I truly appreciate that you have taken the time.I recommend "The Door In The Floor" as a Netflix pick.It's based on John Irving's "A Widow For One Year".The scene near the end where Marion ( Kim Basinger) and Ted ( Jeff Bridges)silently say goodbye is nothing short of superb.

  3. I've seen more people pass on than most and I'm convinced that, upon our deathbeds, our minds will be so worn bare that all we will have is our own biased memories of what was. That's probably how we will judge the value of our lives.You've summed that same phenomenon up nicely, albeit for the death of a relationship. That is something that I am personally more familiar with and less fond of than death.

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