we’ll be alright

we sit here, set apart
shunned by a world
carefully taught
put in our place
to them, the righteous
we have fallen from grace
our names, fables
synonymous with sin
cursed at dinner tables
then beautifully written
on shards of clay
what a most malicious
game for grown-ups
to play

Rene ~ February 2011

Magpie Tales is celebrating it’s one year Anniversary! Please celebrate by posting, or just enjoying the writing.


27 thoughts on “we’ll be alright

  1. your rhyme scheme, with the combination of end of line, internal, and near rhyme makes me feel like i'm spinning, even though you write, "we sit." that was a pretty cool trick. the contradiction between the harsh reality of the poem and it's optimistic title adds to the spinning world realization. again, like with "the astronaut's lover," you manage to pack an incredible amount into so few words. thanks for sharing.

  2. I have to check in from time to time, you know. You have a way with images that I can relate to but cannot imitate or reconstruct, and it always leaves me awestruck.Have you considered having your work published, even if only a self-funded chapbook? 🙂 Seriously. I would buy one and refer to it often.Pearl

  3. You have a way of stopping my day. I can't work on anything else until I'm done thinking about this poem. I could get back to work if I could just cry. Haven't cried in twenty-five years. Maybe longer.

  4. Well, I can't thrill you, but, this touched that ugly girl inside of me.Your words are beautiful and touched a nerve.I think that is what poetry is all about.

  5. A sad commentary on modern society…hell, modern? What am I talking about. It's a trend that defies era – "carefully taught / put in our place"; it's always a case throughout time that the many shun those that go against the established grain, and it's a horrid state to be sure. Thought-provoking piece, one that leaves you shaking your head as you settle into it.

  6. Dear ReneYeah grown ups do play games.. I liked the vividness with with you have created the atmosphere in the verse.. thanks for sharing..ॐ नमः शिवायOm Namah Shivayahttp://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com/2011/02/whispers-another-kind-of-valentines-day.html

  7. Aaahh..powerful, and really drives the point through!! How we lose our innocence as we grow up, and how we try to cover it all up, and how we give ourselves false hope of some day setting things right…(sigh)Very well expressed here, Rene! And the rhymes so well done too!! Kudos, my dear..

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