David Wethey/N(DavZPA/Associated Press
(avid Wethey/NZPA/Assoated Press
this is the hour of wonder
a time where wait and see
and hide and seek 
cease to be games
the streets are silent
wrinkled brows speak volumes
swing sets, steeples 
and stomachs in knots

this is the eve of answers
with dawn comes discovery
sifting, sweeping, shifting 
changes in view 
everything we held 
everything we believed to be
always and iron
shook loose in minutes
in pieces

Rene ~ 2011

My prayers are with the people of New Zealand and for anyone who is struggling through difficult, sudden changes and choices in their lives.


40 thoughts on “Christchurch

  1. Nature shakes her numbed limbs and we can but react. Hoping powerful loving energy is available to counteract the New Zealand quake. ~~~Your words aptly address the current tide of changes in the Middle East as well. Driven by educated youth, social media and repressive economies, human nature is shaking its numbed limbs with equivalent power. The world is ever-changing.

  2. "…everything we believed to bealways and ironshook loose in minutes… "And just as well or we would all be dodging and weaving our lives away! NZ is the shaky isles and some seismic activity always expected but such disasters can happen anytime anyplace. Such loss and pain! Our hearts go out to them.

  3. Children of the EarthWe humans- pugnacious and proudDemand that our Mother be seenBut not loudNo peristalsis must She risk ever to showWhile poisoned and disgracedFrom the seeds that we sow"Sit quietly and take it", We expect her to yieldFor the advancement of mankindFor the power we wieldFor what does the Earth haveThat we think we can't claimFor this selfish ReasonWe tear Her and maim.And when she kicks backWhat can you say?These ugly tectonicsAre continually at playWho is it that runs and hides?Who was trapped and who did cry.When the Earth must find releaseThen someone will dieHow often it is that I walk in the woodPlaying my fluteExpressing the good.This Earth has given us all that we needWhen we forget to give thanksThen children take heed.

  4. A great tribute.. and my heart goes to the suffering of people there.. may there be peace …ॐ नमः शिवायOm Namah Shivaya with me at Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  5. great topic for a poem…a colleague of mine was there on a business trip shortly after the earthquake and he said it was just horrible – he didn't take any photo because he just couldn't bear it

  6. This was humbling, Rene.. A very thoughtful piece.. My prayers are with all those people whose lives were shattered due to this incident :(A beautiful magpie poem, my friend..

  7. Nature has her ways… and we need to play by them… This was a lovely dedication piece, Rene.. My prayers are with the people affected by this devastating disaster… I hope their mornings after change for the better.. and soon… Thanks for this beautiful and thoughtful magpie, my friend..

  8. Answering the prompt with this profound piece on the tragedy at Christchurch was inspired. Thank you for responding in this way, as it's not only topical, but beautifully, if tragically, stated.Amy Barlow Liberatore

  9. Nice poem. I especially like 'always and iron.' Have friends in Littleton. They were traveling during the quake and got home two days later to find not much damage. Fortunate as some of their neighbors' homes were demolished. They did find two new rocks in their garden though, shaken loose and rolled down the hill, each one the size of a Buick. Scary stuff.

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