that’s what sea said…

I need the sea because it teaches me ~ Pablo Neruda

of milky white
springtime innocent 
valley splendors
i sing psalms
of moody indigo
lustful moon 
mountain carvings
i write sonnets
but it is for you, teacher
i thirst always 
for that poetic mouthful
as you come
back turned ’round
ready to leave
i am again

Rene Foran ~ February 2011


20 thoughts on “that’s what sea said…

  1. I was driving down the freeway today, north towards the mountains that surround three sides of our town, and I thought you would have to write a poem about them. Every peak was dusted with snow and Shasta and Lassen are almost all white. Bright, clear and cold day in Northern California.Cheers,Casey

  2. Such a wonderful teacher she is, luring us with melodies, guiding our sails by the tide, mesmerizing moments, split second reactions… teaching us to feel rather than think… feel the ebbs pulling.

  3. Ohhh… this is simply BEAUTIFUL!!! I knew that seas could be charming in their "appearances"… but now mannerisms too?! Woowww…I just loved this personification, Rene!! Lovely…and soooo romantic! I can feel the salty water crystallizing on my skin… like gentle hands stopping me…

  4. Psalms of moody indigo… lovely.. I enjoyed it so much…Thanks for sharing…ॐ नमः शिवायOm Namah Shivaya @VerseEveryDay

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